A Primer of English Etymology

Titre : A Primer of English Etymology
Auteur : Walter W. Skeat
Éditeur : Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN-13 : 9781596050914
Libération : 2005-07-28

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In the present little book, I merely endeavor to draw out a general sketch of some of the more important principles which should be observed by all who pretend to have any acquaintance with English etymology."-Walter W. Skeat, in his PrefaceFirst published in 1910, this classic introduction to the linguistics of the English language is notable not only for its scholarly value but for a charming defensiveness of its own erudition ("The general ignorance of even the most elementary notions on the subject [of etymology], as perpetually exhibited in our periodical literature, is truly deplorable," the author sniffs). Cambridge professor Skeat concisely explores the history of the English language and the sources from which it is derived, including the influences of military and religious invasions from the continent of Europe; the ancient Anglo-Saxon symbols and sounds the language utilizes; how English spelling came to be standardized; the historical mutation of vowel sounds; and prefixes, suffixes, and roots.British academic WALTER WILLIAM SKEAT (1835-1912) was Erlington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Cambridge. He also wrote (with A.L. Mayhew) A Concise Dictionary of Middle English: From A.D. 1150 To 1580.

Freedom s Cap

Titre : Freedom s Cap
Auteur : Guy Gugliotta
Éditeur : Hill and Wang
ISBN-13 : 9781429969222
Libération : 2012-02-28

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The modern United States Capitol is a triumph of both engineering and design. From its 9-million-pound cast-iron dome to the dazzling opulence of the President's Room and the Senate corridors, the Capitol is one of the most renowned buildings in the world. But the history of the U.S. Capitol is also the history of America's most tumultuous years. As the new Capitol rose above Washington's skyline, battles over slavery and secession ripped the country apart. Ground was broken just months after Congress adopted the compromise of 1850, which was supposed to settle the "slavery question" for all time. The statue Freedom was placed atop the Capitol's new dome in 1863, five months after the Battle of Gettysburg. In Freedom's Cap, the award-winning journalist Guy Gugliotta recounts the history and broader meaning of the Capitol building through the lives of the three men most responsible for its construction. We owe the building's scale and magnificence to none other than Jefferson Davis, who remained the Capitol's staunchest advocate up until the week he left Washington to become president of the Confederacy. Davis's protégé and the Capitol's lead engineer, Captain Montgomery C. Meigs, became quartermaster general of the Union Army and never forgave Davis for his betrayal of the nation. The Capitol's brilliant architect and Meigs's longtime rival, Thomas U. Walter, defended slavery at the beginning of the war but eventually turned fiercely against the South. In impeccable detail, Gugliotta captures the clash of personalities behind the building of the Capitol and the unique engineering, architectural, design, and political challenges the three men collectively overcame to create the iconic seat of American government.

Qualitative Research Methods in Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Titre : Qualitative Research Methods in Public Relations and Marketing Communications
Auteur : Christine Daymon
Éditeur : Psychology Press
ISBN-13 : 0415222737
Libération : 2002

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Qualitative research holds great potential for the study of public relations and marketing communications due to its ability to enable researchers to be closely involved with research participants. This practical guide for those interested in conducting qualitative research takes readers through each stage of the research process. This book: * outlines research techniques * considers methods of data collection * includes sampling and strategies for data analysis, including computer analysis * appraises issues of reliability and validity from a qualitative perspective Key points are illustrated with examples from advertising, marketing, media relations, promotions, employee communications, public affairs and other forms of managed communication. Pedagogic features include hints for the internet, tips for overcoming problems and difficulties, examples, boxed features, summaries and overviews, and a wide range of examples and illustrations from international contexts. A highly practical and accessible guide, this is a core text for those undertaking undergraduate and master research methods courses on public relations and marketing communications degrees, and will be invaluable for those working on dissertations, theses or research as part of a professional assignment.

Media and Public Spheres

Titre : Media and Public Spheres
Auteur : R. Butsch
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9780230206359
Libération : 2016-01-05

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Using examples from the US, Europe and Asia,this collection presentsempirical studies of print, recorded music, movies, radio, television and the Internetto reveal both how media structure public spheresand how people use media to participate in the public sphere.

E Mail from God for Teens

Titre : E Mail from God for Teens
Auteur : Claire Cloninger
Éditeur : David C Cook
ISBN-13 : 1589198107
Libération : 2003-01

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This awesome new book contain special love notes from God addressing real life issues teenagers face everyday. Each page is cleverly designed to resemble computer screens to give teens the impression they're on line.


Titre : Tourism
Auteur : Peter Robinson
Éditeur : CABI
ISBN-13 : 9781780642970
Libération : 2013

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Tourism is becoming an increasingly important component of the global economy, and is subsequently a growing area of university study and research around the world. This unique new textbook covers all aspects of tourism from a contemporary perspective. It includes a range of theoretical and research-based topics supported by examples, case studies and comment boxes from industry representatives. The book is written to complement current teaching practices around the world, offering full coverage of all aspects of tourism management. These include infrastructure management, economic development, types of tourism, marketing, destination management and the pure theory aspects of tourism as seen through sociology and tourist behavior. As tourism is often studied alongside events, hospitality and leisure, these subjects are also included and used to draw together the major themes within tourism.

Maria Mitchell and the Sexing of Science

Titre : Maria Mitchell and the Sexing of Science
Auteur : Renée L. Bergland
Éditeur : Beacon Press
ISBN-13 : 0807021423
Libération : 2008

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How science closed its doors to women in the nineteenth century, told through the story of an American astronomer who achieved international fame Science has not always been a masculine domain. In this engaging biography of a little-known American, Renée Bergland shows us a time not long ago, when girls and women flourished-and outnumbered men-in science and math. Born and raised on Nantucket, Maria Mitchell apprenticed with her father, an amateur astronomer. In 1847, thanks to her diligent "sweeps" of the sky, Mitchell discovered the comet that would catapult her to international fame. Soon she was hired as the "computer of Venus," a sort of human calculator, for the U.S. Nautical Almanac. Mitchell later joined the founding faculty at Vassar, where she sadly watched opportunities for her students vanish as science morphed from a private pursuit to a public profession, and the increasingly male scientific establishment closed ranks. In tracing Mitchell's story, Bergland chronicles the ideological and professional changes that led to the sexing of science-now so familiar that we take it for granted.

Harriet s Daughter

Titre : Harriet s Daughter
Auteur : Marlene Nourbese Philip
Éditeur : Canadian Scholars’ Press
ISBN-13 : 0889611343
Libération : 1988

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Margaret, a Black fourteen-year-old and a great admirer of Harriet Tubman, is determined to help her best friend, Zulma, escape from Canada and return to Tobago.

Nelson Review of Pediatrics

Titre : Nelson Review of Pediatrics
Auteur : Richard E. Behrman
Éditeur : W.B. Saunders Company
ISBN-13 : 0721655793
Libération : 1996

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Nelson Review of Pediatrics offers you a convenient and effective way to prepare for pediatrics examinations as well as to evaluate and refine your familiarity with the state of the art in this field. More than 1000 questions cover 34 major topic areas - including growth and development, human genetics, and environmental health hazards. These questions appear in case-based, multiple-choice, and matching formats, allowing you to check your knowledge in a variety of challenging ways. Concise, yet detailed, answers enhance your understanding of the full range of subjects in pediatrics. Nelson Review of Pediatrics is superb as a stand-alone resource. It can also be used as a companion to the Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 15th Edition - one of the most acclaimed and widely used references in the field.

From ideologies to public philosophies

Titre : From ideologies to public philosophies
Auteur : Paul Schumaker
Éditeur : Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN-13 : 1405168358
Libération : 2008-01-18

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From Ideologies to Public Philosophies: An Introduction to Political Theory provides a comprehensive and systematic account of the major ideologies of the 19th and 20th centuries—along with contemporary and emerging outlooks—to address the essential questions of political theory. Explores the major ideologies of the 19th and 20th centuries while making clear distinctions for the reader between often-confused interpretations of ideologies Engaging 'reader friendly' style will appeal to students and facilitate sophisticated discussions Develops and defends pluralism as a broad public policy that is accepted by diverse political groups Supported by a glossary of terms, suggestions for further reading, and other helpful student and instructor resources at www.blackwellpublishing.com/schumaker