Hardening Linux

Titre : Hardening Linux
Auteur : James Turnbull
Éditeur : Apress
ISBN-13 : 1430200057
Libération : 2006-11-01

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*Imparts good security doctrine, methodology, and strategies *Each application-focused chapter will be able to be used as a stand-alone HOW-TO for that particular application. *Offers users a selection of resources (websites, mailing lists, and books) to further their knowledge.

Media and Public Spheres

Titre : Media and Public Spheres
Auteur : R. Butsch
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9780230206359
Libération : 2016-01-05

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Using examples from the US, Europe and Asia,this collection presentsempirical studies of print, recorded music, movies, radio, television and the Internetto reveal both how media structure public spheresand how people use media to participate in the public sphere.

First American Into Space

Titre : First American Into Space
Auteur : Robert Silverberg
Éditeur : Wildside Press LLC
ISBN-13 : 9781434468222
Libération : 2008-04-01

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Here is the spine-tingling, true story of that first American blast into the realm of the stars, of the men who underwent rigorous training for that epic mission, and of the one man who made the safe journey. This is the factual account of the history of rocketry, its triumphs and its failures, our shame in the neglect of it, and our pride in its later accomplishments. Here, too, is a glimpse into the future, as only science fiction writer Robert Silverberg could foresee: orbiting space stations, a man on the moon, and more!

Beyond Management by Objectives

Titre : Beyond Management by Objectives
Auteur : Joe D. Batten
Éditeur : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN-13 : 9781592444298
Libération : 2003-12-02

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A management classic indeed, reissued and updated because it is simply the best concise guide to what happens when an organization installs and commits itself to a management-by-objectives system. Written by one of the best-selling management experts (J. D. Batten's 'Tough-Minded Management' has sold over 100,000 copies, and his various other titles have also reached very wide audiences) this book presents practical advice, techniques, guidelines, checklists, and action plans to help managers learn the art of motivation. Today's manager is a leader who recognizes that pushing and repressing employees are counterproductive to achieving an organization's goals. What is needed is a positive climate in which MBO can operate successfully. The personal involvement of each employee is essential to the all-out effort of the company, and it is this personal commitment to meet challenges that brings the organization's goals to life. Mr. Batten shows how MBO can be used to bring about a climate of productiveness and profitability. He lays out a seven-phase process that includes practical, results-oriented advice designed to make any MBO program a success.

What Were They Thinking

Titre : What Were They Thinking
Auteur : Jeffrey Pfeffer
Éditeur : Harvard Business Press
ISBN-13 : 9781422148099
Libération : 2007-07-10

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Every day companies and their leaders fail to capitalize on opportunities because they misunderstand the real sources of business success. Based on his popular column in Business 2.0, Jeffrey Pfeffer delivers wise and timely business commentary that challenges conventional wisdom while providing data and insights to help companies make smarter decisions. The book contains a series of short chapters filled with examples, data, and insights that challenge questionable assumptions and much conventional management wisdom. Each chapter also provides guidelines about how to think more deeply and intelligently about critical management issues. Covering topics ranging from managing people to leadership to measurement and strategy, it’s good organizational advice, delivered by Dr. Pfeffer himself.

Clinical Applications of Music Therapy in Developmental Disability Paediatrics and Neurology

Titre : Clinical Applications of Music Therapy in Developmental Disability Paediatrics and Neurology
Auteur : Tony Wigram
Éditeur : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN-13 : 1853027340
Libération : 1999

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Reflecting on and developing the applications of music therapy, this collection will help establish effective therapy methods in which the creative use of music is employed by skilled and clinically experienced music therapists in a client-oriented interactive process.

E Mail from God for Teens

Titre : E Mail from God for Teens
Auteur : Claire Cloninger
Éditeur : David C Cook
ISBN-13 : 1589198107
Libération : 2003-01

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This awesome new book contain special love notes from God addressing real life issues teenagers face everyday. Each page is cleverly designed to resemble computer screens to give teens the impression they're on line.

Religious Liberties for Corporations

Titre : Religious Liberties for Corporations
Auteur : D. Gans
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9781137479709
Libération : 2014-11-07

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An expanded version of a series of debates between the authors, this book examines the nature of corporate rights, especially with respect to religious liberty, in the context of the controversial Hobby Lobby case from the Supreme Court's 2013-14 term.

Principles and Practice of Toxicology in Public Health

Titre : Principles and Practice of Toxicology in Public Health
Auteur : Ira Richards
Éditeur : Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN-13 : 9780763738235
Libération : 2008

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In Five Sections, this reference Offers An Introduction To The Field, As WellAs The Basics Of Toxicology Principles, Chemical Toxicity, Ecotoxicology, AndToxicology Practice.

Urogenital Imaging

Titre : Urogenital Imaging
Auteur : Bernd Hamm
Éditeur : Thieme
ISBN-13 : 3131451513
Libération : 2008

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Dx-Direct gets to the point! Dx-Direct is a series of eleven Thieme books covering the main subspecialties in radiology. It includes all the cases you are most likely to see in your typical working day as a radiologist. For each condition or disease you will find the information you need -- with just the right level of detail. Dx-Direct gets to the point: Definitions, Epidemiology, Etiology, and Imaging Signs Typical Presentation, Treatment Options, Course and Prognosis Differential Diagnosis, Tips and Pitfalls, and Key References All combined with high-quality diagnostic images. Whether you are a resident or a trainee, preparing for board examinations or just looking for a superbly organized reference: Dx-Direct is the high-yield choice for you! The series covers the full spectrum of radiology subspecialties including: Brain, Gastrointestinal, Cardiac, Breast, Genitourinal, Spinal, Head and Neck, Musculoskeletal, Pediatric, Thoracic, Vascular