Popular Culture in the Ancient World

Titre : Popular Culture in the Ancient World
Auteur : Lucy Grig
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 9781107074897
Libération : 2016-11-30

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This book adopts a new approach to the classical world by focusing on ancient popular culture.

Popular Culture in Ancient Rome

Titre : Popular Culture in Ancient Rome
Auteur : J. P. Toner
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9780745654904
Libération : 2013-04-25

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The mass of the Roman people constituted well over 90% of the population. Much ancient history, however, has focused on the lives, politics and culture of the minority elite. This book helps redress the balance by focusing on the non-elite in the Roman world. It builds a vivid account of the everyday lives of the masses, including their social and family life, health, leisure and religious beliefs, and the ways in which their popular culture resisted the domination of the ruling elite. The book highlights previously under-considered aspects of popular culture of the period to give a fuller picture. It is the first book to take fully into account the level of mental health: given the physical and social environment that most people faced, their overall mental health mirrored their poor physical health. It also reveals fascinating details about the ways in which people solved problems, turning frequently to oracles for advice and guidance when confronted by difficulties. Our understanding of the non-elite world is further enriched through the depiction of sensory dimensions: Toner illustrates how attitudes to smell, touch, and noise all varied with social status and created conflict, and how the emperors tried to resolve these disputes as part of their regeneration of urban life. Popular Culture in Ancient Rome offers a rich and accessible introduction to the usefulness of the notion of popular culture in studying the ancient world and will be enjoyed by students and general readers alike.

Ancient Greece in Film and Popular Culture

Titre : Ancient Greece in Film and Popular Culture
Auteur : Gideon Nisbet
Éditeur : Liverpool University Press
ISBN-13 : 1904675786
Libération : 2008

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This history of Greece in the 20th century imagination - from film to science fiction and comics - examines the preconceptions of the ancient world which cause difficulties in contemporary media.

Imperial Projections

Titre : Imperial Projections
Auteur : Sandra R. Joshel
Éditeur : JHU Press
ISBN-13 : 0801882680
Libération : 2005-08-09

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The creators of popular culture have often appropriated elements of Roman history and society. This text looks at how ancient Rome has been depicted and what the portrayals tell us about contemporary culture.

The Reception of Ancient Virtues and Vices in Modern Popular Culture

Titre : The Reception of Ancient Virtues and Vices in Modern Popular Culture
Auteur : Eran Almagor
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789004347724
Libération : 2017-07-31

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In Ancient Virtues and Vices in Modern Popular Culture, Eran Almagor and Lisa Maurice offer a collection of chapters dealing with the reception of antiquity in modern popular media, and focusing on a comparison between ancient and modern sets of values.

Understanding Religion and Popular Culture

Titre : Understanding Religion and Popular Culture
Auteur : Terry Ray Clark
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9780415781046
Libération : 2012

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An introductory textbook which provides students with a variety of approaches for analysing religion and popular culture, covering areas such as food, violence, music, television and videogames.

The Gospel According to Superheroes

Titre : The Gospel According to Superheroes
Auteur : B. J. Oropeza
Éditeur : Peter Lang
ISBN-13 : 0820474223
Libération : 2005-01

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"The Gospel According to Superheroes: Religion and Popular Culture" offers an intriguing look at superheroes in light of the spiritual and mythological roles they play in our lives. B. J. Oropeza takes you through the adventuresome quest of three comic book eras as you read about the popular narratives of superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Wonder Woman, the Fantastic Four, sci-fi film heroes, pulp heroes, antiheroes, and more. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in viewing the superheroes as both sinners and saints instead of mere good guys taking on the forces of evil.

Popular Culture in the Arab World

Titre : Popular Culture in the Arab World
Auteur : Andrew Hammond
Éditeur : American Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN-13 : 9774160541
Libération : 2007

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An eye-opehing tour fo the media trends and pop stars shaping the Arab world today.

Sport in the Cultures of the Ancient World

Titre : Sport in the Cultures of the Ancient World
Auteur : Zinon Papakonstantinou
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9781317989486
Libération : 2013-09-13

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Sport has been practised in the Greco-Roman world at least since the second millennium BC. It was socially integrated and was practised in the context of ceremonial performances, physical education and established local and international competitions including, most famously, the Olympic Games. In recent years, the continuous re-assessment of old and new evidence in conjunction with the development of new methodological perspectives have created the need for a fresh examination of central aspects of ancient sport in a single volume. This book fills that gap in ancient sport scholarship. When did the ancient Olympics begin? How is sport depicted in the work of the fifth-century historian Herodotus? What was the association between sport and war in fifth- and fourth-century BC Athens? What were the social and political implications of the practice of Greek-style sport in third-century BC Ptolemaic Egypt? How were Roman gladiatorial shows perceived and transformed in the Greek-speaking east? And what were the conditions of sport participation by boys and girls in ancient Rome? These are some of the questions that this book, written by an international cast of distinguished scholars on ancient sport, attempts to answer. Covering a wide chronological and geographical scope (ancient Mediterranean from the early first millennium BC to fourth century AD), individual articles re-examine old and new evidence, and offer stimulating, original interpretations of key aspects of ancient sport in its political, military, cultural, social, ceremonial and ideological setting. This book was previously published as a special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport.

The Novel in the Ancient World

Titre : The Novel in the Ancient World
Auteur : Gareth L. Schmeling
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9004096302
Libération : 1996

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This is the second publication in Brill's handbook series "The Classical Tradition," The subject of this volume is that group of works of extended prose narrative fiction which bears many similarities to the modern novel and which appeared in the later classical periods in Greece and Rome. The ancient novel has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years not only among students of literature, but also among those looking for new sources on the popular culture of antiquity and among scholars of religion. The volume surveys the new insights and approaches to the ancient novel which have emerged form the application of a variety of disciplines in the recent years. The 25 senior scholars contributing to the volume are drawn from a broad range of European and North American traditions of scholarship. Chapters cover the important issues dealing with the novel, novelists, novel-like works of fiction, their development, transformation, Christianisation and Nachleben, as well as a broad range of matters, from literary/philological to cultural/historical and religious, which concerns modern scholars in the field. This publication has also been published in paperback, please click here for details.