L impossible dialogue Sciences et religions

Titre : L impossible dialogue Sciences et religions
Auteur : Yves Gingras
Éditeur : Presses Universitaires de France
ISBN-13 : 9782130748441
Libération : 2016-03-16

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Le 5 mars 1616, un décret de la Congrégation de l’Index annonçait officiellement la condamnation des idées de Copernic sur le mouvement de la Terre. Cette censure ecclésiastique est devenue l’emblème d’une négation de l’autonomie de la recherche scientifique par les dogmes religieux. Aujourd’hui, la question des relations entre sciences et religions et des appels au « dialogue » entre ces deux domaines pourtant si éloignés par leurs objets et leurs méthodes refait surface. Le thème du conflit a dominé les débats qui ont opposé depuis le XVIIe siècle les savants aux autorités religieuses sur des questions d’astronomie, de géologie, d’histoire naturelle ou sur l’origine de l’homme et des religions. Cet essai prend le contre-pied du courant actuellement dominant chez les historiens des sciences qui minimise les conflits les plus connus entre sciences et religions et propose une version œcuménique et édulcorée de l’histoire des rapports entre deux institutions, dont chacune tente d’imposer sa vision du monde, l’une fondée sur la nature, l’autre sur le surnaturel.

Science and Religion

Titre : Science and Religion
Auteur : Yves Gingras
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781509518968
Libération : 2017-06-16

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Today we hear renewed calls for a dialogue between science and religion: why has the old question of the relations between science and religion now returned to the public domain and what is at stake in this debate? To answer these questions, historian and sociologist of science Yves Gingras retraces the long history of the troubled relationship between science and religion, from the condemnation of Galileo for heresy in 1633 until his rehabilitation by John Paul II in 1992. He reconstructs the process of the gradual separation of science from theology and religion, showing how God and natural theology became marginalized in the scientific field in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In contrast to the dominant trend among historians of science, Gingras argues that science and religion are social institutions that give rise to incompatible ways of knowing, rooted in different methodologies and forms of knowledge, and that there never was, and cannot be, a genuine dialogue between them. Wide-ranging and authoritative, this new book on one of the fundamental questions of Western thought will be of great interest to students and scholars of the history of science and of religion as well as to general readers who are intrigued by the new and much-publicized conversations about the alleged links between science and religion.

Rocks Of Ages

Titre : Rocks Of Ages
Auteur : Sj Gould
Éditeur : Random House
ISBN-13 : 9781446485330
Libération : 2011-07-31

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Writing with characteristic bracing intelligence and clarity, Gould sheds new light on a dilemma that has plagued thinking people since the Renaissance. Instead of having to choose between science and religion, Gould asks, why not opt for the golden resolution that accords dignity and distinction to both? In elaborating and exploring his thought-provoking concept, Gould delves into the history of science with stories of figures as Galileo and Darwin, and concludes that science defines the natural world, and religion our moral world.

Histoire et religions l impossible dialogue

Titre : Histoire et religions l impossible dialogue
Auteur : Stéphane Encel
Éditeur : Editions L'Harmattan
ISBN-13 : 9782296148116
Libération : 2006-04-01

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Les monothéismes forment des systèmes complets d'interprétation du monde. L'Histoire, science humaine, suscite un véritable engouement dans nos sociétés, devenant un enjeu politique et identitaire crucial. Ces deux grilles de lecture, qui décryptent différemment le "même monde", sont-elles inconciliables ou complémentaires ? Constituent-elles les deux faces d'une même mémoire ? Quels sont les enjeux pour l'enseignement confessionnel et pour celui du fait religieux ?

Science and Religion

Titre : Science and Religion
Auteur : Daniel C. Dennett
Éditeur : OUP USA
ISBN-13 : IND:30000127507121
Libération : 2011-05-05

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An enlightening discussion that will motivate students to think critically, the book opens with Plantinga's assertion that Christianity is compatible with evolutionary theory because Christians believe that God created the living world, and it is entirely possible that God did so by using a process of evolution.

The Power of Religion in the Public Sphere

Titre : The Power of Religion in the Public Sphere
Auteur : Judith Butler
Éditeur : Columbia University Press
ISBN-13 : 023152725X
Libération : 2011-02-22

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The Power of Religion in the Public Sphere represents a rare opportunity to experience a diverse group of preeminent philosophers confronting one pervasive contemporary concern: what role does—or should—religion play in our public lives? Reflecting on her recent work concerning state violence in Israel-Palestine, Judith Butler explores the potential of religious perspectives for renewing cultural and political criticism, while Jürgen Habermas, best known for his seminal conception of the public sphere, thinks through the ambiguous legacy of the concept of "the political" in contemporary theory. Charles Taylor argues for a radical redefinition of secularism, and Cornel West defends civil disobedience and emancipatory theology. Eduardo Mendieta and Jonathan VanAntwerpen detail the immense contribution of these philosophers to contemporary social and political theory, and an afterword by Craig Calhoun places these attempts to reconceive the significance of both religion and the secular in the context of contemporary national and international politics.

Retrying Galileo 1633 1992

Titre : Retrying Galileo 1633 1992
Auteur : Maurice A. Finocchiaro
Éditeur : Univ of California Press
ISBN-13 : 0520941373
Libération : 2005-04-11

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In 1633, at the end of one of the most famous trials in history, the Inquisition condemned Galileo for contending that the Earth moves and that the Bible is not a scientific authority. Galileo's condemnation set off a controversy that has acquired a fascinating life of its own and that continues to this day. This absorbing book is the first to examine the entire span of the Galileo affair from his condemnation to his alleged rehabilitation by the Pope in 1992. Filled with primary sources, many translated into English for the first time, Retrying Galileo will acquaint readers with the historical facts of the trial, its aftermath and repercussions, the rich variety of reflections on it throughout history, and the main issues it raises.

Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion

Titre : Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion
Auteur : Ronald L. Numbers
Éditeur : Harvard University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780674033276
Libération : 2009

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Ronald Numbers has recruited the leading scholars in this new history of science to puncture the myths, from Galileo's incarceration to Darwin's deathbed conversion to Einstein's belief in a personal God who "didn't play dice with the universe." Each chapter in Galileo Goes to Jail shows how much we have to gain by seeing beyond the myths.

Impolite Conversations

Titre : Impolite Conversations
Auteur : Cora Daniels
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781476739120
Libération : 2017-02-21

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In Impolite Conversations, two respected thinkers and writers openly discuss five "third-rail" topics-from multi-racial identities to celebrity worship to hyper-masculinity among black boys-and open the stage for honest discussions about important and timely concerns. Organized around five subjects--Race, Politics, Sex, Money, Religion--the dialogue between Cora Daniels and John L. Jackson Jr. may surprise, provoke, affirm, or challenge you. In alternating essays, the writers use reporting, interviews, facts, and figures to back up their arguments, always staying firmly rooted in the real world. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they don't, but they always reach their conclusions with respect for the different backgrounds they come from and the reasons they disagree.

Islam and the Future of Tolerance

Titre : Islam and the Future of Tolerance
Auteur : Sam Harris
Éditeur : Harvard University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780674737068
Libération : 2015-10-06

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In this dialogue between a famous atheist and a former radical, Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz invite you to join an urgently needed conversation: Is Islam a religion of peace or war? Is it amenable to reform? Why do so many Muslims seem drawn to extremism? The authors demonstrate how two people with very different views can find common ground.