Centuries of Childhood

Titre : Centuries of Childhood
Auteur : Philippe Ariès
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : NWU:35556017332909
Libération : 1962

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In this book, Aries surveys children and their place in family life from the Middle Ages to the end of the 18th century.

L ENFENT ET LA VIE FAMILIALE sous l ancien regime

Titre : L ENFENT ET LA VIE FAMILIALE sous l ancien regime
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 :
Libération : 1960

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PHILLIPPE ARIES A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de L ENFENT ET LA VIE FAMILIALE sous l ancien regime Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Jewish Education and Society in the High Middle Ages

Titre : Jewish Education and Society in the High Middle Ages
Auteur : Ephraim Kanarfogel
Éditeur : Wayne State University Press
ISBN-13 : 0814336531
Libération : 2007-06-11

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Paperback edition of a favorite text on the literary creativity and communal involvement in the production of the Tosafist corpus.

The Rural Economy of England

Titre : The Rural Economy of England
Auteur : Joan Thirsk
Éditeur : A&C Black
ISBN-13 : 9780826444424
Libération : 1984-07-01

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No one has done more to emphasise the significance of the land in early modern England that Joan Thirsk, whose writings are both an important contribution to its history and point the way for future research. The subjects of this collection include the origin and nature of the common fields, Tudor enclosures, the Commonwealth confiscation of Royalist land and its subsequent return after the Restoration, inheritance customs, and the role of industries in the rural economy, among them stocking knitting.

Sources of the Self

Titre : Sources of the Self
Auteur : Charles Taylor
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 0521429498
Libération : 1992-03-12

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Charles Taylor's latest book sets out to define the modern identity by tracing its genesis.

Cent fiches de lecture

Titre : Cent fiches de lecture
Auteur : Marc Montoussé
Éditeur : Editions Bréal
ISBN-13 : 9782749507903
Libération : 2008

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1oo fiches de lecture est l'ouvrage de référence qui permet d'accéder à la " substantifique moelle " des œuvres majeures en économie, sociologie, histoire et géographie économiques. Il s'adresse en priorité aux étudiants en classes préparatoires économiques et commerciales, en IEP et à l'université qui ne peuvent, faute de temps, lire tous les ouvrages utiles pour maîtriser le programme, ou veulent se les remettre en mémoire à l'approche des examens et concours. Ces fiches sont classées par thèmes et émaillées de nombreuses citations. Après avoir replacé les œuvres dans leur contexte, elles en restituent de façon structurée les idées essentielles, puis en précisent la portée. Étudiants, mais aussi passionnés et curieux pourront enfin disposer d'une synthèse des œuvres fondamentales.

Sexual Politics in the Enlightenment

Titre : Sexual Politics in the Enlightenment
Auteur : Mary Seidman Trouille
Éditeur : SUNY Press
ISBN-13 : 9781438422343
Libération :

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Explores the way seven women writers of the eighteenth century responded to Rousseau, and traces his crucial influence on their literary careers.

Pretty Creatures

Titre : Pretty Creatures
Auteur : Michael Witmore
Éditeur : Cornell University Press
ISBN-13 : 0801443997
Libération : 2007

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Witmore examines the ways in which children, with their proverbial capacity for spontaneous imitation and their imaginative absorption, came to exemplify the virtues and powers of fiction during the English Renaissance.

Encounters with the Other

Titre : Encounters with the Other
Auteur : Martin Calder
Éditeur : Rodopi
ISBN-13 : 9042008253
Libération : 2003

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Encounters with the Other brings together a range of eighteenth-century texts in which the exploration of lingua incognita figures as a prominent topos . Drawing mostly on a corpus of French texts, but also including a number of works in English, Martin Calder attempts to realign well-known texts with more canonically marginalized works. The originality of the perspectives offered by this book lies in the comparative reading of works not previously conjoined. Encounters with otherness are marked by a transgression of the limits of language, occurring when language becomes alien or unfamiliar. Alterity may take various forms: a foreign language, a familiar language marked by the traits of foreignness, something unrecognizable as language, or even one's own language breaking down, as in madness. Unfamiliar language may be produced by a foreigner, by a child who cannot yet speak, in extreme cases by something unrecognizably human, in all cases by an agency somehow marked by difference. Narratives of encounters with otherness have written into them narratives of the discovery of the self. Implicitly informed by the reading techniques associated with literary theory, Encounters with the Other offers an insightful commentary on issues surrounding colonialism, cultural difference, gender and the importance of language to identity. Martin Calder's work challenges certain Eurocentric notions and exposes the problematic links between Enlightenment rationality and colonial expansion. This book is of interest both to undergraduate students and to academic researchers, and to a more general readership concerned with understanding the relationship between Europe, the 'West' and a wider world.

Philippe Ari s and the Politics of French Cultural History

Titre : Philippe Ari s and the Politics of French Cultural History
Auteur : Patrick H. Hutton
Éditeur : Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN-13 : 1558494634
Libération : 2004

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The author of Centuries of Childhood and other landmark historical works, Philippe Ariès (1914-1984) was a singular figure in French intellectual life. He was both a political reactionary and a path-breaking scholar, a sectarian royalist who supported the Vichy regime and a founder of the new cultural history--popularly known as l'histoire des mentalités--that developed in the decades following World War II. In this book, Patrick H. Hutton explores the relationship between Ariès's life and thought and evaluates his contribution to modern historiography, in France and abroad. According to Hutton, the originality of Ariès's work and the power of his appeal derived from the way he drew together the two strands of his own intellectual life: his enduring ties to the old cultural order valued by the right-wing Action Française, and a newfound appreciation for the methodology of the leftist Annales school of historians. A demographer by training, he pioneered a new route into the history of private life that eventually won him a wide readership and in late life an appointment to the faculty of the prestigious École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. At the same time, he fashioned himself as a man of letters in the intellectual tradition of the Action Française and became a perspicacious journalist as well as a stimulating writer of autobiographical memoirs. In Hutton's view, this helps explain why, more than any other historian, Philippe Ariès left his personal signature on his scholarship.