Women Representatives in Britain France and the United States

Titre : Women Representatives in Britain France and the United States
Auteur : Harriet B. Applewhite
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9781137525871
Libération : 2016-04-29

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This book compares British, French, and American legislative debates on woman suffrage and women's rights. Beginning with an analysis of Tocqueville and J.S. Mill on the impact of suffrage, the book continues with analysis of floor debates, comparing gender style, the French on parity and the Americans on the ERA and concluding with modern debates.

Implementing Industrial Ecology

Titre : Implementing Industrial Ecology
Auteur : Cyril Adoue
Éditeur : CRC Press
ISBN-13 : 9781439862346
Libération : 2010-12-07

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This book is the fruit of the author’s six years of research and fieldwork undertaken while at the Centre for Sustainable Development Research and Interdisciplinary Studies—Troyes University of Technology. The research and field work were concentrated on material and energy flow loops, the principal tool that industrial ecology puts forward in order to limit environmental and economic impacts caused by the abuse of natural resources. The book is aimed at those responsible for providing a bit of substance to the objective of sustainable development. It also aims to disseminate this information towards future caretakers of the planet who today occupy seats at universities.

The Politics of Belonging

Titre : The Politics of Belonging
Auteur : Alain Dieckhoff
Éditeur : Lexington Books
ISBN-13 : 0739108263
Libération : 2004-01-01

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The Politics of Belonging represents an innovative collaboration between political theorists and political scientists for the purposes of investigating the liberal and pluralistic traditions of nationalism. Alain Dieckhoff introduces an indispensable collection of work for anyone dealing with questions of identity, ethnicity, and nationalism.

Renewable Energy Policy Convergence in the EU

Titre : Renewable Energy Policy Convergence in the EU
Auteur : David Jacobs
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9781317066316
Libération : 2016-03-23

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This book examines the coordination of renewable energy policies in the European Union using an innovative theoretical approach to explain national policy making. David Jacobs asks, why are national support instruments for electricity from renewable energy sources converging, even though the harmonisation of these frameworks at the European level has failed? Which causal mechanisms lead to cross-national policy similarities? And what are the implications for policy coordination in the EU? The author traces the evolution of feed-in tariffs - the most successful and most widely used support mechanism for renewable electricity - in Germany, Spain and France. He reveals increasing cross-national policy similarities in feed-in tariff design - despite the failure of harmonizing instruments at the European level. He explains these increasing policy similarities by applying policy convergence theory. Policy convergence can occur voluntarily, based on transnational communication, regulatory competition and technological innovations and these findings have important implications for European policy steering. The key to this book is the interrelation of an innovative theoretical concept (coordination of policies in the international arena via voluntary cooperation) with a very topical empirical research focus - the promotion of renewable energies in the EU. It will be essential reading for scholars and students of environmental policy, comparative politics and European studies.

Journal officiel de la R publique fran aise

Titre : Journal officiel de la R publique fran aise
Auteur : France
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015024451430
Libération : 1962-06

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France A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Journal officiel de la R publique fran aise Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Race in France

Titre : Race in France
Auteur : Herrick Chapman
Éditeur : Berghahn Books
ISBN-13 : 157181857X
Libération : 2004-01

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Scholars across disciplines on both sides of the Atlantic have recently begun to open up, as never before, the scholarly study of race and racism in France. These original essays bring together in one volume new work in history, sociology, anthropology, political science, and legal studies. Each of the eleven articles presents fresh research on the tension between a republican tradition in France that has long denied the legitimacy of acknowledging racial difference and a lived reality in which racial prejudice shaped popular views about foreigners, Jews, immigrants, and colonial people. Several authors also examine efforts to combat racism since the 1970s. Herrick Chapmanis Associate Professor of History and French Studies at New York University. The author and editor of several books on French and European social history, he also edits the multidisciplinary journal French Politics, Culture & Society. Laura L. Fraderspecializes in French social and labor history and European women's and gender history and has written extensively on these topics. In addition to her position as Chair of the Department of History at Northeastern University, she is a Senior Associate at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University.

Genomics and Public Health

Titre : Genomics and Public Health
Auteur : Bartha Maria Knoppers
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789047411710
Libération : 2006-12-13

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When genomics and public health are integrated into society, it will create as many responsibilities as rights for citizens, researchers, and decision makers. Indeed, the expression of genetic risk factors in both common and infectious diseases is of great interest to public health. Policy development in this area then needs to tackle crucial themes such as: research and its application to public health and genomic medicine, the authority of the state, the right to privacy, and the roles and responsibilities of citizens and the State. Considering the current fears of a world-wide pandemic, this book is a timely and insightful exploration of both research possibilities and the role of the state. It will help to understand the limits of possible state access to biobanks and data. It examines the issue of the possible use of newborn screening programmes by public health authorities. It also attempts to understand the protection of individual privacy and the public interest in the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. Moreover, do citizens have a say? Will public attitudes be different towards research in public health genomics compared to genetic testing?

Slavery and Colonial Rule in French West Africa

Titre : Slavery and Colonial Rule in French West Africa
Auteur : Martin A. Klein
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 0521596785
Libération : 1998-07-28

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Offers a history of slavery during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in three former French colonies.

The Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

Titre : The Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage
Auteur : Sarah Dromgoole
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789047410454
Libération : 2006-06-30

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The legal protection of the underwater cultural heritage is a field in which there is growing international interest. Shipwrecks and other underwater cultural remains in every maritime zone are threatened both by activities ‘directed at’ them, such as treasure hunting, and by activities ‘incidentally affecting’ them, such as mineral exploration and exploitation, pipeline and cable-laying, dredging, and fishing. Since the first edition of this collection (published in 1999), the urgent need for an international legal framework to regulate these activities has been formally recognised by the adoption in 2001 of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. While the prospects for this Convention remain uncertain, it will undoubtedly have a profound influence on national laws and practice in this field. This second collection of essays examines the present state of law, policy and practice in sixteen different jurisdictions around the world in light of the 2001 Convention. Among other things, the viewpoint of each jurisdiction in respect of the Convention is considered and the impact that the Convention is already having, and is likely to have in the future, is explored. Eight of the essays are entirely new, and several additional jurisdictions are covered (Finland, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Norway). The other essays have been thoroughly updated and revised to take account of the Convention. The contributors come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have specialist knowledge and experience of their particular jurisdiction and a keen interest in the field.

Maxime Weygand and Civil military Relations in Modern France

Titre : Maxime Weygand and Civil military Relations in Modern France
Auteur : Philip Charles Farwell Bankwitz
Éditeur : Harvard University Press
ISBN-13 : 0674557018
Libération : 1967-01

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Between the two World Wars, particularly in the 1930s, the relations between the French civilian government and the Army went through a series of devastating changes. These turbulent developments culminated in the refusal of the Armyâe(tm)s leaders to obey their civilian superiors during the catastrophe of June 1940, the first such insubordination in modern French republican history. The author examines every aspect of this disastrous process, pursuing his analysis largely through the activities and thought of General Maxime Weygand, who, although deeply affected by the loss of civilâe"military trust, contributed importantly to it and eventually led the Army in its disobedience. Mr. Bankwitz finds the seeds of the disaffection between the French civilian authorities and the military in a variety of interconnected elements. During the early 1930s, for example, the soldiers became convinced that the Governmentâe(tm)s policies concerning service time, military appropriations, and disarmament were pushing the Army to the brink of ruin. The Third Republic was highly unstable politically, as was shockingly demonstrated in February 1934 when the Government leaders resigned in the face of violent disorders in Paris attendant on the Stavisky Affair which climaxed two years of internal strife. Among soldiers, aware of the Governmentâe(tm)s weakness, suspicious of its alleged antimilitarism, and fearful of the approaching conflict with Nazi Germany, there was a growing and almost unconscious tendency to think in terms of the possible need to extend the protection of the Army to the nation in its difficulties. In this way, important elements in the officer corps began, psychologically and emotionally, âeoeto prepare for eventual intervention in national political affairs.âe General Weygand, whom the author interviewed on numerous occasions, held the personal conviction that the distrust between the civilian and military establishments was the root cause of French defeat. Mr. Bankwitz is convinced that this opinion of Weygandâe(tm)s is possibly the single most important clue to the puzzling connection between the civilâe"military relationship and the collapse of June 1940. Granting all the other factors contributing to the defeat, it would be impossible to exaggerate the historical importance of Weygandâe(tm)s disobedienceâe"an act which also opened the way for later military saviors and for the ascendant role of the Army in French politics. This is the first scholarly study in depth of the crucial prewar phase of the French armyâe(tm)s development into a disruptive force in national life. A chapter from the portentous twentiethâe"century story of the soldier in politics, it has relevance now to situations already formed or forming in other western societies. The value of the book is greatly enhanced by an encyclopedic bibliography of writing on French political history in this century.